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In this video Zo discusses the fake outrage and hypocritical stances that Hollywood liberal bigots like Jimmy Kimmel take. More gun control laws are a good thing but enforcing our immigration laws is considered racist. This is the logic that Jimmy Kimmel, a typical liberal bigot spokesman for gun control uses. Zo also questions power hungry politician Hillary Clinton's accusations against the N.R.A.'s position on gun silencers. Is the NRA guilty of murder because they're not backing yet another law - this time involving silencers? He points out that gun control is really a matter of self-control which liberals detest.Encouraging self-control is judgmental. They want us to follow their lead and it's frightening how much influence they have over so many, yet they know so little about people. Liberals and their loud behavior along with their \"we won’t be silenced\" attitude demonstrate they don’t even look at their own behavior. They cannot examine themselves because they are too busy judging others' behavior.