When you pierce the echo chambers of Miley Cyrus, Nick Cage, Johnny Depp, Russell Brand, Jimmy Kimmel, and their like-minded thinkers, you generally become referred to as a “provocateur”, and that’s the kindest thing these people call Sabo. On this episode of Whiskey Politics, we have an open and transparent discussion with conservative street ‘guerilla’ artist Sabo from his home in Los Angeles. Fresh off the HBO Vice News piece about him and the countless articles seen by millions on The Drudge Report, Sabo coined the term “Conservativism is the New Punk”. And there is nothing more punk rock than raging against the system, powerful elites, and groupthink by demonstrating their hypocrisy through compelling and original pieces that has everyone talking. Sabo opens up about being banned on social media, ‘shadowblocking’ Conservatives, and much more.

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